PRÁCTICA on Arquitectura 374

Madrid, Spain.
June, 2018.

We feel honored to have two of our latest projects featured on the new issue of Arquitectura magazine! The volume includes articles on The Green City Block and on Plaza de los Misterios. Check out more at

The "Documents (to come)" exhibition and the 14th Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism on the El Diario Montañés newspaper.

Santander, Spain.
May, 2018.

"Rethinking Somes" on the Actual de Cluj.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
February, 2018.

"The North American Academia" workshop on Diario de Sevilla.

Seville, Spain.
September, 2017.


The Green City Block on ABC de Sevilla.

Seville, Spain.
July, 2017.

The "Imagination in exile" exhibition on La Vanguardia

Seville, Spain.
May, 2017.

The Green City Block on Málaga Hoy

Malaga, Spain.
June, 2017.