Artificial Extrusions

Los Angeles, US.

This project is a response against the vast uncontrolled open space of Los Angeles. Set in Redondo Beach, our site was surrounded by a sea of malls and parking lots. Starting from the Tabula Rasa operation that the Studio as a group overtook, it develops on the hypothesis of the total colonization of the open land. Once the generic outer public space is neglected, the project tests the possibility of the creation of a specific public space for the residents of the building within its block, or a “Captive Globe” in Rem Koolhaas’ terminology.

This process has a result of two very differentiated realities for the project. On the outer shell, it alludes to a generic urban layout by a game of monotony and scalelessness. The homogeneous block is broken by changes of level and a multiplicity of corners of its curved surface, laying somewhere between the whole block and the compound building. On the other hand, the inner shell towards the central courtyard acquires a horizontal order that implies domesticity at the same time as unifies the common specific public space. The private realm appears as a threshold between these two dimensions.

Finally, the ground plan intervention beyond the building emerges as an unlimited amount of detached buildings that complete the urban landscape though variety of scales, uses, shapes, types and densities. This “collage city” compresses and releases the public realm in a succession of spaces that lead to our “captive globe”, legitimizing the specific common space and the project as a whole.