Biomedical Sciences Building

Madrid, Spain.

The new Biomedical Sciences Building at Carlos III University focuses on efficiency from the climatic, energetic and programmatic points of view.

From the programmatic point of view, it is organized in three different layers with different temporalities (structure, façade and program), which can be modified over time, responding to the changing needs of the building and avoiding its obsolescence. From the energetic point of view, it benefits from systems for capturing renewable energy. In addition, its active façade and its solar chimneys articulate a complex but economic system of climate conditioning of the interior spaces through passive methods.

Team: Jaime Daroca, José Mayoral and José Ramón Sierra (partners) with Santiago Estepa and Alonso Rosa.


Renderings: Juan Ramón Samaniego L'Huillier.

Client: Carlos III University.

Area: 9.900 m2.