Europan 13

Trondheim, Norway.

Existing and new buildings are linked with a common base that allows creating different settings and urban spaces. The pedestrian fluidity is exceptionally important providing an easy access and pleasant areas. The connected system of public spaces offers different atmospheres and situations depending on the weather, season or user mood. From the nature park where land art will be exhibit to the harbor walk where sports will be practice or the common square where retail and culture is the daily life.

New Ways of Living

The urban population is in constant change and housing demands vary within years therefore is not possible to give an exact number or percentage that will satisfy Trondheim community in the near future. The project hence proposes a flexible system that is adapted to necessity in the ongoing process. A simple grid is the starting point where wet areas are positioned; the interstitial space could be day or night area, a place to stay or community space.

Architecture: PRÁCTICA with Enrique Orti and Moises Garcia.

PRÁCTICA team: Jaime Daroca, José Mayoral and José Ramón Sierra (partners).