La Rade

Geneva, Switzerland.

The proposal understands La Rade as a complex juxtaposition of layers with varying temporality and scope. The strategy focuses in utilizing the forces of La Bise, the extreme North-East wind pattern on Lake Leman, to achieve a lively re-habitation and re-naturalization of La Rade. An evolving interplay of vegetated soft edge conditions and programmed acupunctural infrastructure reimagines Geneva’s historic anthropocentric rectilinear waterfront. As a result, habitat and occupational variance increase over time alongside professional activities. By fore fronting an interconnected transformative ecological and architectural system, Vis-à-Bise tells the long-term narrative of La Rade, thus promoting temporality and building a new understanding of this hybrid urban landscape.

The landscaped edge imagines a permanent solution able to support the ephemeral character of seasonal ecological and anthropogenic activities. It takes into consideration the prominent winds and water currents to combine diverse lakeshore renaturalization solutions along the waterfront to maintain excellent water quality and encourage the proliferation of beneficial local flora and fauna species.

Team: Jaime Daroca, José Mayoral and José Ramón Sierra (partners).


Landscape architecture: Aliza Sovani.

Renderings: OKAPI and PRÁCTICA.

Client: Ville de Genève.