Louňovice, Czech Republic.

The proposal for the New School Losbates is designed as a new meeting place for the entire local community as well as for shaping the future generations to come. This proposal is not conceived as a monofunctional building but as an open place for the community to interact through different programs and time frames. The New School is scattered in different volumes, all connected through public space, allowing for a low-rise urban profile adapted to the existing context and creating an open platform for the people of Lounovice, Štíhlice, Tehovec and Svojetice.

Each of the different volumes contains a central courtyard intended to allow for more inclusive interaction of all user while hosting specific programmatic offer in direct connection with its surrounding uses and with nature.

Team: Jaime Daroca, José Mayoral and José Ramón Sierra (partners) with Santiago Estepa, Raúl Brito and Alonso Rosa.


Renderings: Kelvin Ho.

Client: LOSBATES, voluntary union of municipalities.

Area: 7.237 m2.