Private residence in Shoreditch

London, United Kingdom.

This small one-bedroom residential project is located within a former multi-storage industrial 19th Century building. The proposal recovers the previously neglected cast-iron structural elements, as well as establishes new residential spaces by laying out a series of built-in furniture pieces that follow a constant grid. The furniture emerges as the main defining element in all domestic spaces, as the same regular timber joinery system is utilized in different ways such as desk, shelf, cabinet, kitchen or closet.

The dim London sun incidence is maximized in the living room by a set of big mirrors embedded in the joinery grid, aimed to reflect the natural light coming in through the balconies on the opposite wall. The materiality of the proposal is completed by different carefully selected white and grey marbles that cover the bathroom and kitchen surfaces, and by natural wood and fiber pieces of furniture specially chosen for the site.

Team: Jaime Daroca, José Mayoral and José Ramón Sierra (partners).

Client: Private.

Area: 52 m2.

Status: Completed.