Santa Clara Convent

Seville, Spain.

This project consists of an extension for the Fine Arts Museum of Seville, Andalusia. It includes the restoration of the presently abandoned Saint Clare’s Convent, in the city center, as well as the construction an adjacent group of new buildings hosting the most specific uses.

The choice of the convent as the Museum’s extension site managed to solve three main requirements. The first of them would be the fulfillment of all of the current Museum’s needs in a bigger and better conditioned building. The second defining factor was the chance of recovering the Convent’s important historical legacy, which dates back to the 12th Century and was conserved in dreadful conditions. Last, the project also aims to reactivate Saint Lawrence’s Quarter by means of establishing a new cultural and social landmark within the urban scene.

The result is a detailed intervention that takes into account thorough historical investigation as well as the city’s public necessities. The combination of the respectful restoration process and the insertion of new highly equipped buildings generates a 17,000 m2 complex that hosts a wide range of uses such as generous permanent and temporary exhibition spaces, restoration labs, libraries, investigation center, lecture hall, large reception and dissemination areas, and a variety of commercial establishments.