• View from the river of Cibin Market
    View of the market from the River Cibin
  • Public spaces surrounding Cibin Market
    Public spaces surrounding Cibin Market
  • Cibin Market general floor plan
    Marketplace floor plan
  • Cibin Market outer podium
    Urban plinth
  • Cibin Market sections

Cibin Market

Sibiu, Romania

Cibin Market is located at the northwestern limit of the historical center of the city of Sibiu, on the banks of the Cibin River. It seats on top of the remains of the 4th fortification line of the city. Considering its key location, the project aims to establish a dialogue and highlight the historical layers of the site while creating an open and dynamic public space.

The proposal puts forth an expansive building that is low in height to respect the city skyline and ensure uninterrupted landmark views. It consists of a plinth that covers an underground parking area, on top of which the marketplace sits. A reduced part of the program emerges as a top attic volume, which includes a restaurant and an exhibition space.

The plinth serves as an urban mediator that creates a large public space and establishes a continuous surface that allows for interaction with the river and the rest of the city. It reveals parts of the archeological traces of the bastion located on the perimeter of the market.

The marketplace consists of an open and permeable system that creates a continuous relationship between interior and exterior spaces. The modular roof informs the location of the structural columns and the market stalls. It also integrates a series of skylights that mark the walking routes and enhance the overall experience.

Within underground parking space, a metal grate floor located along the bastion wall allows the archeological traces to become visible within the public realm. The structure of Cibin Market lies on top of a system of load-baring walls that adapt freely to the location of the remains.


47.223 sqm

Municipality of Sibiu

Jaime Daroca
José Mayoral
José Ramón Sierra
Blanca Amorós
Elisabetta Gravina
Costan Svinti
Sofía Valdivia

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