• Exterior view of the Civic Center in Patraix
    LED screen facade
  • Plans of the Civic Center in Patraix
    Ground floor plan and typical floor plan versatility
  • Interior view of the Civic Center in Patraix
    Interior spaces
  • Axonometric view of the Civic Center in Patraix
    Axonometric view
  • Long section of the Civic Center in Patraix
    Long section

Civic Center in Patraix

Valencia, Spain

The architecture of the new Civic Center in Patraix is determined by three fundamental factors: its urban setting and the configuration of public space around it; the versatility of use of its interior spaces; and the environmental sustainability and responsible consumption of natural, energy and economic resources.

In regards to its urban context in Patraix, the building stands as a slender slab on the western limit of the site. This frees up the entire ground plane and generates a new plaza to the east. The building forms the urban front of this new public space, becoming its landmark. The activity of the building can be perceived from the square through its permeable façade. On the other hand, the plaza serves as an extension of the building, and as a physical framework for the development of all kinds of outdoor civic activities.

The Civic Center consists of a large six-story container with a modular structure that envelops a versatile open space where different activities, meetings and events can be held. The structure consists of a series of 8 x 8.5 m modules, each of which contains a 58 sqm activity room and its adjoining circulation space. These modules can be freely combined on each floor to generate large spaces of 116 sqm, 174 sqm or 232 sqm. The building is therefore able to accommodate events of all types and sizes. Its modular nature facilitates reconfiguration over time without the need for construction works, making it adaptable to the changing needs of the neighborhood. This extends the building’s lifespan and avoids its obsolescence.

From an environmental point of view, the building is composed of sustainable materials. Its main structure is built using CLT columns and slabs. This material, which has a minimal carbon footprint, also provides thermal insulation and minimizes construction time and costs. The façade is clad with recycled polycarbonate panels with silica aerogel filling. These panels offer a high level of solar control, acoustic insulation and optimum thermal transmittance. The materiality of the Civic Center in Patraix is completed with a large protective ceramic screen on the east façade, as a backdrop to the new public square.


2.166,77 sqm

City of Valencia

Jaime Daroca
José Mayoral
José Ramón Sierra
Andrea Navarro
Alejandro Rebollo