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Cluj-Napoca Master Plan

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The Cluj-Napoca Master Plan reimagines the River Somes as a green corridor that integrates a sustainable mobility network. It also serves as a key public space for the local population.

First and foremost, the master plan aims to develop the river as a natural asset for the city. It focuses on its environmental and ecological values and supporting its biodiversity.

Secondly, this urban plan envisions the river as a significant opportunity to create a sense of place. It does so by integrating high-quality public spaces into areas lacking cultural and activity assets. The river is therefore positioned as a new activity hub. It becomes a platform for facilities and diverse activities that allow the community to engage more intimately with the river. Some areas, defined as hot spots, are identified to host most of the programming and activation and, thus, serve as a catalyst for the rest of the river.

Finally, communication along and across the river is crucial to the Cluj-Napoca Master Plan. The linear nature of the river is an opportunity to allow the river to become an east-west communication axis. In addition, the new connections north-south will unify both sides of the river, dissolve the current fragmentation of the city fabric, and improve the connectivity and integration of the river with the rest of the city.


2.004.311 sqm

Cluj-Napoca Municipality


First prize
Open competition

Jaime Daroca
José Mayoral
José Ramón Sierra
Daniel García
Andrea Navarro

Urban planning
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