• View of courtyard in the Health Center in Llucmajor
    One of the four organizational courtyards
  • Lower floor plan of Health Center in Llucmajor
    Ground floor plan
  • Upper floor plan of Health Center in Llucmajor
    Upper floor plan
  • View of corridor in the Health Center in Llucmajor
    Interior corridor and waiting areas
  • Sections of Health Center in Llucmajor

Health Center in Llucmajor

Mallorca, Spain

The proposal for the new Health Center in El Arenal de Llucmajor, Mallorca aims to create a direct connection with its context. The new Health Center, with a clear compositional simplicity, seeks to establish a direct integration within the environment, both built and natural. With a simple volume, takes advantage of the shape of the plot to offer the largest possible open space. The materiality of the Health Center, seeks its integration with the surroundings using shades of Mares stone.


Its main access is established on its west facade, facing the wide pedestrian alley and allowing a direct connection to the urban area. The new Health Center in Mallorca with a floor plan of clear compositional simplicity is structured with four courtyards. These courtyards establish a simple functional organization and a clear orientation for the user through the central core.


The four courtyards, treated in a similar way but with different native species, will allow an easy orientation. Its dimensions are generous to provide good lighting and ventilation for the Health Center in Llucmajor, while enjoying a pleasant outdoor space.


3.460 m2

Balearic Islands Health Service

Jaime Daroca
José Mayoral
José Ramón Sierra
Alonso Rosa

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