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  • Elevation
  • Interior courtyard
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Public Housing in La Dársena

Seville, Spain

The plot for this public housing in La Dársena project is located within a complex urban context. It’s a meeting place for disparate morphologies and building heights. A cylindrical building is proposed given this urban situation. It conforms a clear and compelling element, creating a strong dialogue with its adjacent spaces and nearby buildings.

The circular typology allows the maximum number of dwellings to be accommodated within the permitted buildable area. It’s made up of concentric rings that best accommodate the different types of apartments. In the central void, the smallest circular band includes the vertical core and the access to the dwellings. The following bands form the dwellings themselves. The narrower one houses the bathrooms and wet areas. The wider one includes the day and night areas of the dwellings, as well as the kitchens. Finally, small overhanging terraces emphasize the radial and concentric idea of the project.

The proposal is committed to programmatic flexibility. The proposed radial structure, allows for different typological changes per floor to adapt a greater or lesser number of dwellings as required.

Another element to highlight in the proposal for public housing in La Dársena is the energy performance. On the one hand, the building is white, compact and with openings in the facade controlled by wooden shutters outside the windows frames. On the other hand, the interior void, which breathes through the zenithal oculus, allows heat to be extracted during the night and is protected from the sun during the day through some awnings.


2.291 sqm


Daroca Arquitectos

Jaime Daroca
José Mayoral
José Ramón Sierra
Amanda Castellano
Daniel García

Kelvin Ho