• Exterior view
  • Ground Floor
  • Courtyard view
  • Cross Section
  • Entrance view

Quirihue City Hall

Quirihue, Chile

The new building for Quirhue City Hall is conceived as a construction that acknowledges its context and brings value to local architecture in this town. The new City Hall incorporates local architectural characteristics by a series of strategies with spatial, structural and material implications. The building, while showing a clearly contemporary attitude, incorporates some design features typical to the Chilean colonial house: a courtyard-like configuration with circulatory perimetric corridors, or the pitched-roof built on timber beams that extend beyond interior spaces in order to cover the circulatory paths on top of a solid base that hosts the ground floor uses.

Furthermore, the building features strategies for passive climate conditioning, also present in the typical Chilean colonial house. The solid base with high thermal mass regulates temperature, while the interior courtyards allow for openness and natural ventilation.

Quirihue, Chile

2.966 m2

Quirihue Municipality

PRÁCTICA and Tirado Arquitectos

Jaime Daroca, José Mayoral and José Ramón Sierra