• Delicias Station main lobby
    Main lobby
  • Programmatic axonometric view of Delicias Station
    Programmatic diagram
  • Delicias Station ground floor plan
    Ground floor plan
  • Interior view of Delicias Station main hall
    Central hall
  • Cross section of Delicias Station
    Cross section through main lobby, central hall and Fomento warehouse
  • Delicias Station central hall potential uses
    Potential temporary uses of the central hall

Railway Museum

Madrid, Spain

This project consists on the refurbishment of Delicias Station in Madrid for a new Railway Museum. The project includes the full restoration of all the Delicias Station buildings through a lens of respect and preservation of the historical heritage. It makes special emphasis on environmental, economic and programmatic sustainability. The project also improves pedestrian access to all different areas in the master plan.  Furthermore, it encourages the integration of new technologies in benefit of knowledge dissemination and communications.

The master plan project also addresses the exterior spaces that surround the Station buildings. It would be desirable to intervene on these spaces in a near future in order to incorporate them into the overall vision for the complex. They include the restoration of the areas adjacent to the front of the building, into their original landscaped condition. In a similar manner, new roads, parking spaces and pedestrian and green areas are laid around the zones in proximity to the new main access. These urban operations will incorporate the complex to the Matadero – El Aguila – Delicias – Prado cultural axis in Madrid.

The museum master plan adapts the Railway Museum to the 21st Century. It restores the entire collection, while resolving its lack of consistency. These inconsistencies have been given by successive independent interventions and lack of preservation work throughout the years.

These strategies are aimed to give new value to the new Railway Museum complex, as well as to ensure its durability and topicality.


38.138 sqm

Ministerio de Fomento

Daroca Arquitectos

Jaime Daroca
José Mayoral
José Ramón Sierra
Teresa Celaya
Alonso Rosa

Building engineering
Roberto Alés

Exhibition design
Julián Sobrino


Kelvin Ho