• Exterior view of the Torreperogil Theater
    Open air theater
  • Site plan of the Torreperogil Theater
    Site plan
  • Interior view of the Torreperogil Theater
    Multipurpose room
  • Multipurpose room floor plans of the Torreperogil Theater
    Multipurpose room layouts
  • Axonometric view of the Torreperogil Theater
    Axonometric view
  • Long section of the Torreperogil Theater
    Long section

Torreperogil Theater

Torreperogil, Spain

What defines theater? What makes it different from an auditorium or a movie theater? The answer can be summed up in one fundamental element: the fly system. The fly system refers to all the technical devices that make possible the set changes and visual and sound effects that performances may require. It is generally housed in the fly tower, located directly above the stage. The Torreperogil Theater is essentially a large fly tower, which floats above a space open to the street and the park that functions as a multipurpose square.

This fly tower spans continuously along the length and width of the square. It allows to modify its layout and to hang sets in any location or orientation. The Torreperogil Theater offers a multiplicity of possible distributions in a single scenic space. Its multipurpose square allows for all the traditional stage layouts (proscenium, arena, thrust and traverse), as well as for a flexible space for holding any other kind of public event such as concerts, musicals, lectures, sport events, etc. The multipurpose square expands the public space of Torreperogil, and its fly tower makes it possible to hold events of any kind.


2.010 sqm

City of Torreperogil

Jaime Daroca
José Mayoral
José Ramón Sierra
Andrés López
Pilar Martín

Building engineering
Roberto Alés

ZIR Visual