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  • General plan
  • Pavilion
  • Paths sections
  • Pestera Valley
  • Landscape conditions
  • Biodiversity scheme

DN3C Park

Constanța, Romania

Establishing a balance between habitats for people and habitats for flora and fauna, the DN3C Park aims to foster biodiversity through varied ecosystems. It invites a diverse range of people to use the space through different programs, and celebrate the surrounding context through a responsive design.

First and foremost, the DN3C Park acts as an ecological hub that anchors the green network within Constanța. It creates varied ecological habitats to support biodiversity. Leveraging existing conditions, the project works with, not against, the topography and mitigates the strong winds prevalent in the area. A buffer of trees extends from the site boundaries into the center of the park with a finger-like elongation system that protects from north and west winds as well as blizzard conditions. The buffer creates a comfortable microclimate while simultaneously mitigating the noise from the urban context and allowing for pockets with greater levels of privacy.

Additionally, the DN3C Park holds the potential to serve as an urban connector. It links the existing and future bike network and pedestrian paths and amplifying surrounding uses and developments. The design creates different scaled green “rooms” that serve as platforms to support day-to-day activities to larger special events across all seasons. From providing moments of respite to serving as a city-wide asset, the park offers a multitude of invitations to spend time for residents and visitors alike.


365.000 sqm

Constanța Municipality

Third prize
Open competition

Jaime Daroca
José Mayoral
José Ramón Sierra
Raúl Brito
Sarah Aillón
Iván Iglesias
Costan Svinti

Kelvin Ho