• Night time exterior view
    Southeast corner view
  • Daytime exterior view
    Northeast corner view
  • Northeast corner urban strategy, southeast corner urban strategy, thermal insulation, solar protection, thermal mass
    Urban insertion and passive climate conditioning strategies

Housing in Ostrava

Ostrava, Czech Republic

This project consists on a new housing development in Ostrava, in the Czech Republic. This new mixed-use residential and commercial building in located at the intersection of Kostelní and Biskupská Streets. It focuses in the development of new dwelling typological models based on energetic efficiency and sustainable urban development. The building also takes in the consideration of the history, culture and traditions present in Ostrava city center. It combines a careful understanding of local architectural conditions, including materiality or housing typologies, with the aim of becoming a role model for responsible urban development in the 21st Century.

Its materiality responds to the existing conditions in its historic surroundings. It takes advantage of a thick stone-clad outer wall for climate conditioning and the creation of individual balconies. Bigger expanded openings mark the building’s sharp corner, creating a new landmark of the new housing in Ostrava.

Czech Republic

6.739 sqm

Ostrava City Hall

Jaime Daroca
José Mayoral
José Ramón Sierra
Sebastián Peñas
Alonso Rosa

Kelvin Ho