• Image of the park with pools and vegetation
    Park view
  • General floor plan of the proposal with six towers and the block facing the street
    Typical plan
  • Street view
  • Typical plan of the tower with circular shape
    Tower plan
  • Plans of the typical block with a light curve
    Block plan

Residential Complex in Santiago

Santiago, Chile

This project consists on a large-scale mixed-use commercial and residential complex in Santiago, Chile. The competition asked for the challenging task of designing a high-density development within the fastest developing area in Santiago. The project includes a complex of 2.800 dwelling units. It is structured in such a way that maximizes panoramic views onto San Cristóbal Hill and the Andes mountain range. At the same time, it liberates ground floor space for the benefit of a new great urban park. It also promotes optimal natural ventilation, lighting and privacy for its residents.

This new residential complex in Santiago focuses on its relation with its context. It is distributed in high-rise towers on the inside of the plot, and lower-rise slab buildings towards the main avenue. On one hand, the towers liberate space on ground floor, and therefore enable for the new main park. On the other hand, the lower-rise slab buildings aim to consolidate the western edge of the plot. The slab buildings make slight turns and kinks, giving a sense of urban dynamism and widening up the public space. These widenings are intended to preserve the existing vegetation. At the same time, they also allow for new commercial spaces, cafés and restaurants.


190.000 m2


First prize
In progress

Izquierdo Lehmann

Jaime Daroca
José Mayoral
José Ramón Sierra
Gonzalo Cortes
Santiago Estepa
Macarena Fernández
Karin Ponce
Agustín Sepúlveda