• Aerial view of the University Hospital Complex
    Universit Hospital Complex main axis
  • University Hospital Complex plan
    University Hospital Complex site plan
  • Exterior view of Emergency access of the Comprehensive Transplant Center
    Emergency access
  • Comprehensive Transplant Center multiple levels plans
    Plans of levels -1 to 4
  • Interior view of the lobby in the Comprehensive Transplant Center
    Main lobby
  • University Hospital Complex section
    University Hospital Complex long section

Comprehensive Transplant Center

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The new Comprehensive Transplant Center of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, is conceived in consideration of its context. Context both immediate as part of the University Hospital Complex, and in wider relation to the city fabric beyond. This Complex is located in a privileged area of Cluj. It is placed right out of the city’s historical center, and in direct relationship to a wide offer of green and open spaces.

The project establishes two green strips that connect Mikó Park with Victor Babeș Street across the Hospital Complex. These strips open up the green spaces to the public. They also connect them to the Neurology Clinic Campus and the Alexandru Borza Botanic Garden across the street. They are aimed to unify the entire Hospital area as a comprehensive green district in the city. This new green district becomes the central point for a network of parks and gardens in the vicinity, which include the Simion Bărnuțiu Central Park, Iuliu Prodan Park, the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Mănăştur Cemetery, the Central Cemetery and Opera Park among others. Therefore, by restoring and carefully articulating the University Hospital Complex as an open and green space, the entire city can benefit from a wide and unified network of public spaces that connect the different neighborhoods around the new Comprehensive Transplant Center.


39.115 m2

Cluj County Council

First honorable mention
Open competition


Jaime Daroca
José Mayoral
José Ramón Sierra
Alonso Rosa
Amanda Castellano

Kelvin Ho