• Pedestrian view
  • General plan
  • Section
  • Typologies: 1. Type 3 bedr. 82 m2 2. Type 2 bedr. 67 m2 3. Type 4 bedr. 90 m2 4. Type 3 bedr. tower 71 m2 5. Duplex (day area) 88 m2 6. Duplex (night area) 7. Type 3 bedr. 90 m2

The Green City Block

Malaga, Spain

This project for a new housing building in Malaga focuses on the development of new typological residential models. These new typologies are based on energetic efficiency, pedestrian flux and ecological urbanization. The new development also takes in consideration local vegetation diversity. Overall, the Green Block aims to become an example of 21st century urban intervention.

From an urban point of view, the traffic of private vehicles is restricted in the interior of the block. The interior of the site focuses in pedestrian and bike transit. All buildings’ volumes are arranged in such a way that they optimize the solar incidence on the generous interstitial public spaces.

The typologies and massing of this new housing development in Malaga are conditioned by their orientation. They maximize the effect of natural climatic conditions over the passive conditioning strategies of the dwellings and commercial areas. The proposed structure is composed of solid elements of cross-laminated timber in opposition to the traditional systems of concrete or steel. This material shows great resistance and positive impact on the environment. It also has the potential to become a sustainable solution for the future developments.


15.196 m2

Gerencia Municipal de Urbanismo de Málaga

Frist prize
In progress


Daroca Arquitectos

Jaime Daroca
José Mayoral
José Ramón Sierra
César Fuertes
Sebastián Peñas

Technical architecture
Roberto Alés