• Aerial view of the Grigorescu area
  • Grigorescu Bridge
  • Soft terraces in Armatura Park
  • Armatura Bridge
  • Nadas River
  • Soft terraces in Armatura Park
  • Urban furniture
  • Armatura Park
  • Bleachers in Grigorescu
  • Aerial view of Armatura Park
  • Plan of the masterplan that shows the whole river Somes as it goes through the city of Cluj-Napoca
  • Different situations in plan and section of the urban and rural typologies
    Rural Beach Public Space Park
  • Axonometric views

River Somes

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

This project produces a diverse range of solutions to the varied conditions of the river Somes. It reimagines the role of the river as it crosses the city of Cluj-Napoca for over 15 kilometers.

The river Somes is no longer understood as a thin line that divides the city in half. On the contrary, it is redesigned as a thick band that is part of the city fabric. It incorporates distinct ecological systems and integrates public space.  The Somes is envisioned as an urban connector of public spaces and green areas. It also becomes the primary circulation path for pedestrians and bicycles. Thus, this proposal aims to bridge that gap between the river and the city.

Firstly, a system of terraces expands the river’s edge and allows it to permeate into the urban fabric. As the river section is widened, the existing hard edge is transformed into a softer and more natural environment. It is now able to include systems of local vegetation, rocks and sand. This system of terraces allows the river to become more accessible and incorporates areas for recreation where a diverse range of activities can take place.

Secondly, a system of longitudinal bicycle and pedestrian paths give continuity to the circulation routes along the river, currently fragmented, and allows the Somes to become the primary spine of movement throughout the city.  Thirdly, a system of diagonal paths aims to stitch the river and its immediate context. These paths redefine the existing urban connections by extending them to the water’s edge, creating a visual, and physical, connection between the city fabric and the river.


186.704 sqm

Cluj-Napoca Municipality

Under construction

Public Space Architecture Prize
2023 Transylvania Architecture Biennial

Romanian Building Awards 2019

First prize
Open competition

Jaime Daroca
José Mayoral
José Ramón Sierra
Raúl Brito
Cesia Campos
Amanda Castellano
Gonzalo Cortes
Santiago Estepa
Daniel García
Francisca Rocuant
Alonso Rosa
Sofía Valdivia
Banika Vijay

Landscape architecture

Local architects